You Won’t Want to Miss Dr. Laura – Live!

Actually, you will want to miss this, I’m sure. I, for one, will be too busy washing my hair to attend on the night her “show” opens in Santa Barbara:

If Suzanne Somers can have a one-woman show on Broadway — and she does — why not Laura Schlessinger?

Well, it’s not quite the Great White Way, but the radio advice guru said Wednesday she’ll appear at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara on Aug. 19 and 20 in “Dr. Laura: In My Never to Be Humble Opinion.”

The first act features Schlessinger talking about her life and current events; in the second she’ll answer questions submitted in advance by the audience.

The “Dr. Laura” theatrical show also has dates scheduled in Northern California and Texas later this year.

I would imagine that what she would really like is for hordes of protesters to show up – and knowing Santa Barbara as I do, they’ll be there.


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