Roberts’ Wife – Who Knew There Are Rightwing Feminists?

Go Johnny! His parents don’t look like a whole lot of fun but young John Roberts Jr. was gettin’ down at the White House Tuesday night.

Rightwing feminists are for empowering women – except when they become pregnant, at which point the government should force them to give birth.

Well, this is just oxymoronic. Jane Roberts, the wife of President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee, is a Catholic, and I think we can assume she is conservative – and yet she thinks of herself as a feminist.

Apparently, Mrs. Roberts – shown above (she’s the one in pink) – is a an ardent opponent of a woman’s right to choose. The Los Angeles Times reports that she “provides her name, money and professional advice to a small Washington organization — Feminists for Life of America — that offers counseling and educational programs. The group has filed legal briefs before the high court challenging the constitutionality of abortion.”

Who knew you could be feminist and conservative? I suppose rightwing feminists are for empowering women – except when they become pregnant, at which point the government should force them to give birth, whether they choose to or not. Whether they were raped or not.

It’s like queer conservatives, I guess. Makes no sense.


3 thoughts on “Roberts’ Wife – Who Knew There Are Rightwing Feminists?”

  1. It is interesting that you feel so comfortable defining what a Feminist must believe.
    I have no such confidence, but given the fact that world-wide, the overwhelming majority of abortions are female babies, I fail to see the contratiction in a woman not wanting to suport this, any more than I see a contratiction in a woman supporting abortion because she viewed the personal rights issue as paramount.

  2. I am a feminist – a card carrying member of NOW since 1983.

    I’m also a liberal with a libertarian streak. I don’t believe the US government, or any government of any state, has the right to force an individual to give birth.

    There’s an old quote: “If men gave birth, abortion would be a sacrament.” This goes to the point that feminism is antithetical to conservativism. Conservatives are all about promoting the status quo, which means propping up our society’s corrupt and withering patriarchy.

    Feminism seeks to kick the props out from under the patriarchy in order to create a new society in which men and women have an equal voice.

    I believe abortions should be rare, safe and legal. And since this is the mainstream view in America today – held by a whopping 68 percent of the population – I also believe that when Roe is overturned in the next few years it will kick the stuffing out of the Republican Party.

  3. I was going to comment on the comment but Jon said it better… I guess I’ll add that in addition to be rare, safe and legal, the decision to have an abortion should be entirely, exclusively and totally up to the woman. This is fundamental to feminism and can’t be carved out while leaving feminism in tact.

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