Next Up from Rove: Sliming Fitzgerald

Buzzflash predicts what’s coming next in the Plame Name Blame Game:

Soon Bush’s Rotweiller, Rove, will have his minions tone down the vicious attacks on Joe Wilson. Rove’s next target will be his highest stakes maneuver yet. In a “go for broke” attack on the fundamental tenets of the system of American justice, we predict Rove is already using cut-outs to try and figure out a discreet way to personally expose some skeleton in [special prosecutor Patrick] Fitzgerald’s closet that will then call the “character, judgment and motivation” of the prosecutor into question — and sink the investigation through an ad hominem attack. This is Rove’s pathological gutter tactic.

Spreading slime about an opponent is a reflexive tactic for Karl Rove when he’s backed in a corner.

He doesn’t know how NOT to use it when backed into a corner.

Karl knows that loyalty is everything — so watch for slime about Fitzgerald to start oozing from the mainstream media if Judith Miller shows signs of starting to talk, in return for immunity from prosecution.

Of course, in Fitzgerald’s case, Rove will have to make up the allegations, but he and Bush are master B.S. artists — and the mainstream media loves to turn their fictions into fact.

Just look at how the mainstream media abetted the Bush Administration lying us into a war and then undercutting our national security by exposing a CIA operative who specialized in tracking the very weapons that Bush and Cheney claimed we were going to war to stop from being used by Iraq.

Of course, there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Tens of thousands of people have died as a result. Billions upon billions of our taxpayer dollars that could have been used to improve the lives of our people here in America have been wasted. And all Rove, Bush, Cheney and the GOP can do is defend outing a CIA operative who was trying to prevent the spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

(Source: Buzzflash News Analysis – A Little Conspiracy Theorizing from BuzzFlash…)


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