Poll: Bush Gets No Terror Bounce, Honesty Rating Plummets

Finally, Americans may be waking up to the reality of the fact that our country is under the worst management of its history. The new NBC/Wall St. Journal poll shows that then number of Americans who believe that President Bush is “honest and straightforward” has dropped to 41 percent.

Poll: 49 percent disapprove of Bush’s job performance, which is a point lower from his job approval in May. This number is still incredibly high considering he is the worst president to hold office in U.S. history

The real number ought to be zero percent, of course, but it represents a nine point drop since January.

And get this: The survey, however, was taken just before the news came out that President Bush lied when he said he would fire anyone who leaked classified information. We now know Karl Rove leaked the information and we also know he hasn’t been fired.

Bush got no bounce from the terrorist attacks in London:

The survey… finds that respondents, by a 49 percent-to-46 percent margin, disapprove of Bush’s job performance. That’s a drop from the last NBC/Journal poll in May, when 47 percent approved and 47 percent disapproved. In addition, the only time when Bush’s job rating has been worse was in June 2004, when 45 percent approved of his performance.


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