Prosecutor in Drug Case Finally Gets Limbaugh’s Medical Records

Palm Beach Post:

A judge handed some of Rush Limbaugh’s medical records to prosecutors Wednesday in a blunt ending to the conservative [entertainer’s] battle to keep his medical records private and out of their hands.

Circuit Judge Thomas Barkdull III also returned a thicker stack of records to Limbaugh’s lawyer, Roy Black, at a brief hearing in open court. Barkdull divvied up the records, deciding which would be returned to Limbaugh and which would be forwarded to Assistant State Attorney James Martz for use in the criminal investigation of Limbaugh.

Black’s stack was visibly thicker than Martz’s.

“Mine’s bigger than yours,” Black quipped to Martz before leaving court.

“It’s not the size that matters,” Martz retorted.

The brief handoff ended Limbaugh’s 19-month string of losses in Florida courts over his claim that the records’ seizure was a violation of his privacy rights.


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