Christian Taliban vs. Islamic Taliban, Compare and Contrast

Saw this comparison of the Taliban in the Middle East versus our own special flavor here in America on DailyKos. Drawing this sort of analogy drives the Christianists crazy. “It goes too far,” they say.

Maybe so. But the case can be made that the difference between what they believe and the beliefs of their Islamist counterparts is simply a matter of degree. To wit:

Religion in government

  • Al Qaida/Taliban: One and the same
  • American Taliban: One and the same
  • Liberals: Separation of church and state


  • Al Qaida/Taliban: Religious indoctrination. Run by clergy.
  • American Taliban: School prayer. Religious indoctrination (creationism and “intelligent design”). Private religious school system.
  • Liberals: Leave religious teachings to parents and sunday school.


  • Al Qaida/Taliban: No school, must cover entire body, no rights
  • American Taliban: Government control over reproductive freedoms, hostility to Title IX, hostility to working women
  • Liberals: Equality of the sexes

Religious freedom

  • Al Qaida/Taliban: ‘Think like us, or we’ll whiip you and/or chop off your head’
  • American Taliban: ‘Think like us, or we’ll condemn you to hell’
  • Liberals: To each her own


  • Al Qaida/Taliban: Eradicate them from society
  • American Taliban: Eradicate them from society
  • Liberals: Equality under the law

Go to the original post at DailyKos for more comparisons.


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