Yet Another Devastating Poll on Arnold: How Low Can He Go?

With a year and a half left in his term as governor, it isn’t practical to start a Recall campaign against Arnold Schwarzenegger – and if I recall, the statute prohibits Recalls within 18 months of the officeholder’s next scheduled election. If there were a Recall right now, a new poll shows that Das Guber would lose:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has lost the support of nearly every segment of the California electorate, with a majority of voters now saying they are not inclined to re-elect him, a new Field Poll has found.

The governor’s once broad-based support has shrunk so much that just 39 percent of voters now say they are inclined to re-elect him, while 57 percent say they are not. The only groups willing to re-elect Schwarzenegger, who has yet to announce whether he plans to run next year, are conservatives and Republicans.

“He looks almost like a typical partisan politician in that profile, whereas last year, he had a unique standing most observers were marveling at,” said Mark DiCamillo, who conducted the poll from June 13 to 19. “He squandered the political capital he once had.”

What is really jaw-dropping is that Schwarzenegger is losing to both Democrats who have announced that they will run against him next year – state Treasurer Phil Angelides and Controller Steve Westly. Neither of these guys are even remotely household names.


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