But Are We Sure We Want Them Armed?

“Motherfucker, if being a soldier is so goddamn great, you can sign up at any recruiter you fucking choose. I see a bunch of healthy young men and women here. So why the fuck are they here and not at MCRD Parris Island or Ft. Jackson. If you love soldiers so goddamn much, go fucking be one. Take the oath. Your time doesn’t mean dick. Not to the 11B’s or the truck drivers or the ER nurses or surgeons or the orthopedics nurses. Your time? Fuck your time.

“Tell that to the families of five women marines. They have to bury their barely out of high school daughters, and you want to talk about your goddamn time? Time. Let’s talk about your service. You love this war so goddamn much, go fucking be part of it. They can have their families cheerlead. Fucking cowards. Hiding behind people whose asses they aren’t fit to wipe.”

Steve Gilliard, The News Blog – via Left Coaster


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