Jacksonville Finally Justifies Its Existence

Did the Super Bowl being held in Jacksonville, my home base, make me proud? In a word, no.

Did Lynard Skynard or Limp Bizkit make me pround? Nah.

Do I drink Maxwell House? Not unless it’s on sale.

But I’m busting out about Jacksonville now, in light of the recent announcement by the newly formed Christian Alliance for Progress. The group speaks for the rest of us, the Christians who have been shouted out since being double-Bushed in Florida, the ones who understand the important thing about Jesus was love, and refuse to be lumped in with those red-faced people who use Jesus as a club on those they judge morally inferior.

The group introduced itself at a press conference yesterday.


“This organization has been formed to mobilize and give voice to Christians who have been alienated by the extreme political agenda of certain elements of the religious right,” [Group Founder Patrick] Mrotek said. “The mission of the Christian Alliance for Progress is to reclaim Christianity and transform American politics through action based on our values.”

…”We’re here because we can no longer stand by and watch people speak hatred, division, war and greed in the name of our faith,” Mrotek said. “We’re here because Christianity is being used by radical leaders of the religious right as they seek to marginalize gay and lesbian people; to criminalize desperate, pregnant women; to suppress scientific information and honest information about human reproduction and replace them with ignorance.”

The site is packed with great stuff, including a declaration you can sign. Check it out.


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