Westly Joins 2006 Race for California Governor

Associated Press:

State Controller Steve Westly used the Internet to launch his campaign for governor Saturday, becoming the second Democrat to enter the race in hopes of unseating Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger if he seeks re-election next year.

The former Silicon Valley executive announced his candidacy during an online chat and conference call with supporters, pledging to create an innovative government to return prosperity to the state.

“Today that dream is fading,” he said. “I’m running for governor to restore that dream.”

Westly, 47, joins the race for the Democratic nomination against Treasurer Phil Angelides, who announced he was running in March. The governor has yet to announce whether he will seek re-election.

Westly, who earned a fortune at the online auction house eBay, wrote a $10 million check to his gubernatorial account last month and has said he would spend more of his own money if necessary.

Angelides had raised $12 million by April and rounded up a long list of endorsements.

Westly emphasized that he would run a positive campaign, but he slipped in a few digs at the actor-turned-governor, saying he was running on his record, “not my one-liners.”

Campaign Websites:

Westly: http://www.westly2006.com

Angelides: http://www.angelides.com

(If you want a link to Schwarzenegger’s site, please click HERE.)


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