Poll: Bush’s Popularity Still Incredibly High at 42%

The new CBS Poll gives President Bush an astoundingly high 42 percent. He is hands down the luckiest man ever to serve as president. No other U.S. president has lied, cheated and then lied about lying as much as this one and gotten away with it this long.

And no other president’s lies have caused the deaths of so many U.S. service personnel and innocent civilians.

Why do President Bush’s poll numbers remain so high? The central and best orchestrated fabrication created by the President and his team is that they are protecting America from terrorism, and that America can fight a “war” on terror. Belief in this elaborate fantasy by millions of Americans is a key factor in keeping Bush’s overall approval rating in the 40’s.

A slim majority of those polled – 52 percent – approved of Bush’s handling of terrorism. Only 40 percent disapproved.

Absent the successful campaign to create an environment of fear, President Bush’s popularity would be around 30 percent, which is roughly the number of Bush-worshipping ditto heads who make up the base of the Republican Party.


2 thoughts on “Poll: Bush’s Popularity Still Incredibly High at 42%”

  1. You need to poll the real Americans instead of his base.Most Americans are not convinced he is doing anything on Terrorist.

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