TVNewser Rounds Up Cable News Coverage of the Downing Street Memo

Maybe If We All Hold Our Breath, the Media Will Cover the Downing Street Memo:

Is the media finally waking up to the Downing Street Memo? A few odds and ends:

> Rep. John Conyers on HuffPost: “This is a stunning account of the way our media has slid backwards from the days of Woodward and Bernstein.”

> MSNBC’s Countdown hasn’t ignored it. “If you have missed it, and many have, it was a set of leaked notes from a British cabinet meeting in July 2002 indicating the U.S. was already trying to make the crime fit the punishment, already finding excuses, it said, to go to the war in Iraq,” Keith Olbermann said on Tuesday.

> “I’m still not quite sure why CNN has been so slow to cover it; the least we could do is cover the growing outrage on the Internet,” a CNN employee e-mails. “I’m sure this issue is NOT going to go away. And we shouldn’t allow Bush’s allegation that the memo was just a dirty trick leaked 4 days before the British election to go unchallenged…that doesn’t detract from the fact that the memo was authentic…”

> On Monday MSNBC’s Connected tackled the memo as an blogger story. CNN used a similar tactic on Wednesday’s Inside Politics.

> offers “a close reading of FoxSpeak.”

Still – I wouldn’t hold my breath for any in-depth coverage.


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