Support Howard Dean – Give to the DNC

Duncan Black, aka Atrios, at Eschaton has a page up on the Democratic National Committee site where we are encouraged to show love for embattled DNC Chair Howard Dean by making a donation.

We cited a recent criticism of the Republicans by Jack Danforth, a Republican Episcopal minister and former Senator, below. Here’s Republican strategist Ed Rollins criticizing former RNC chairman Rich Bond in the National Review in 1993, for saying that only Republicans are “real” Americans and that only certain people – white Christians, presumably, are welcome in the GOP :

Rich Bond was wrong at the Republican Convention last August when he condemned the Democrats with his statement, ‘We are America; these other people are not America.” He’s wrong now when he says in effect, We are the Republican Party; these other Republicans are not.

If Republicans like Rich Bond can learn from past mistakes, it should now be apparent to them that we need to make room in our party for a broad and diverse range of ideas and lifestyles. We should not shut anyone out–including the more conservative elements of our party.

This is classic “liberal media” excess going after a Dem while giving Gops a pass on the very same “infractions” If Howard loses, we all do. To quote Atrios, quoting Bobbi Flekman in our favorite thrash-metal mockumentary, “Money talks and bullshit walks.”

Go – Give.


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