Cable News Excrescence Alert – MSNBC Sets Date for Tucker Carlson’s Show

In the steady drip, drip, drip of the Foxification of MSNBC, the channel has named the date for the premiere of “The Situation with Tucker Carlson.” Says channel exec Rick Kaplan:

“You’ve always seen Tucker as a contributor. You are about to see him as a host.”


“This is going to be a really fun way for people to get a lot of information. This is going to be a very careful look at the news done in an hour. It’s not about getting somebody from the right and somebody from the left to beat each other up. You’re going to get to know the panelists on the show as rounded human beings.”

What? Tucker with no snark? What does he have left?

Like George Bush, Carlson grew up among the elite – his father was head of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting whose second wife was a member of the Swanson’s food family. Like the president, Tucker has an innate sense of what appeals to and outrages the working man. But his populism is skin deep. He uses his sense of the common touch in a cynical way – as a propagandist. Watch him long enough and you begin to doubt he believes the words coming out of his mouth.

Just like Bush.


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