The Countdown’s On in Florida

Blistering, wonderful editorial in today’s Daytona News-Journal about Florida’s 2006 governor’s race. We’re all, it turns out, counting the days to the end of Jeb’s reign.

In 592 days, Florida gets a new governor.

Just thinking about that will put you in a good mood. Consider the possibility — a governor who wants to help not only businesses, but also citizens. A governor who would save the state’s natural beauty, not pave it. A governor who wants to fill the Capitol with good public servants, not empty out government buildings.

Don’t get me wrong. Gov. Jeb Bush isn’t all bad. He’s bright, witty and dedicated. But Bush runs state government as though it’s a conservative think tank, every action taken to comply with a hide-bound Republican ideology.

He breaks a long-standing Florida tradition of governors more concerned with solving problems than following political orthodoxy — and the state has suffered for it.

Now, that’s what I’M talking about!


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