And Pretty Soon You’re Talking About Real Numbers

I didn’t plan to post today but sometimes fate intervenes. I can’t resist this.

First we have the story about the Seminole County (near Orlando) GOP chair winning his defamation suit against another GOP officer who said he had been married six times when he was only married five so far.

Circuit Judge Clayton Simmons ruled Wednesday that a mistake on the number of Stelling’s marriages was harmless but concluded a spousal abuse claim was false and defamatory…

Stelling had been married five times but the letter said six.

“I believe in family values,” Stelling testified Tuesday.

Goettman asked Stelling whether being off by one really matters when the number gets that high.

“I beg your pardon,” Stelling said. “Of course I don’t agree with that statement.”

Two of Stelling’s wives were in the courtroom, including his current wife Lorayne.

Then you have a story about how Democrats are doing much better in Seminole County. With the Republican party leaders they have down there, is anyone surprised?

A longtime Republican said a rejuvenated Democratic Party would be a good thing in that it would encourage campaigns that focus on issues instead of personalities.

“If you have a viable opposing party, the discussion is issue-focused,” former County Commissioner Fred Streetman said.

Could not have said that better myself.


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