Republicans Smelling Blood in Florida

What’s the speck of light on Florida Sen. Bill Nelson’s forehead that follows him wherever he goes these days? It’s the laser from the scope of the rifle of national Republicans, who are trying to sweep him up in the “Democrats hate people of faith” war they invented.

Miami Herald:

The Democrat is one of 20 senators targeted by [James] Dobson’s Colorado-based Focus on the Family, which is running newspaper ads bashing Democrats for holding up Bush’s most conservative judicial nominees…

”There is only one reason Sen. Nelson and fellow liberals are desperate to block these judges,” the ad reads. “They would easily be confirmed by a majority of the Senate, because they represent the president’s mainstream American values.”

Yeah, that’s it. It’s because their acceptance is a slam-dunk, not because they’re psycho nutcases. And since when does the president represent “mainstream American values?”

At the dog park the other day, the discussion around the bench was fear over the growing deficit and gas prices. One dog owner was Jewish, one Muslim, and the rest of us some brand of Christian. Our ages range from 20s to 60s. Not one of us supported any of the president’s policies – economic, military, or social.

But what I really object to is having another do-nothing, partisan halfwit like Mel Martinez forced on Florida by outsiders.

A spokesman for Nelson suggested Dobson is ”acting vindictively without regard to the facts.” Nelson, spokesman Dan McLaughlin noted, has voted for 206 of Bush’s 215 nominees – including Miguel Estrada, Bush’s nominee for a federal appeals court.

Nelson, acutely aware of the GOP’s desire to take his seat in 2006, joined fellow Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska in voting to end the filibuster against Estrada, who ultimately withdrew his nomination.

”This ad is completely without merit, based on Dobson’s partisan vindictiveness,” McLaughlin said.


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