So Tell Us A.P., What Do You REALLY Think?

What’s up with the Associated Press? In a particularly egregious show of slanted reporting, A.P. writer Vickie Chachere makes it clear which side she’s on in the Schiavo affair. In the article, printed in today’s South Florida Sun-Sentinel and other papers, her lede throws the first punch:

Terri Schiavo’s body was cremated Saturday as disagreements continued between her husband and her parents, who were unable to have their own independent expert observe her autopsy.

“Their own independent expert?” If he or she is independent, how can they be “their own?” Six paragraphs on where Terri’s grave will be later, comes this tidbit:

The Schindlers had sought to have independent medical experts observe their daughter’s autopsy at the Pinellas County Medical Examiner’s office, but the agency refused their request, family attorneys David Gibbs III and Barbara Weller said Saturday…

Gibbs said the medical examiner’s videotape, pictures and tissue samples from the autopsy could be reviewed by other experts if the family asks.

Oh, so it wasn’t Michael Schiavo that kept their “independent” experts out, it was the county M.E. Sounds like the medical examiner is pretty damn independent too.

A few more paragraphs and then, just for background, mind you, Chachere takes some more shots.

Over the years, the couple have sought independent investigation of their daughter’s condition and what caused it. Abuse complaints to state social workers were ruled unfounded – although one investigation remains open – and the Pinellas state attorney’s office did not turn up evidence of abuse in one brief probe of the case.

Nice parenthetical phrase there: “although one investigation remains open.” And maybe if the state attorney’s office had just taken longer with their “brief probe,” they could have gotten the goods on Michael Schiavo.

Sheesh. This woman needs to find a home at FOX News.


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