With the Rise of Delta Infections, Gov. DeSantis’ Covid Denial Is a Renewed Threat to Floridians’ Lives

Miami Herald Editorial: “The law [Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-FL] signed in May, SB 2006, gives him the authority to invalidate a local emergency order that ‘unnecessarily restricts individual rights or liberties.’ The governor’s campaign has been selling T-shirts and drink koozies emblazoned with ‘Don’t Fauci my Florida’ — there’s no doubt he would exercise that authority with gusto.

“Miami-Dade’s case rate jumped to 242 per 100,000 people last week from 150 the week before, and test positivity grew from 5.4 percent to 7.4 percent despite the county having the largest percentage of people who have received at least one vaccine dose (75 percent).

“Experts suspect groups with low immunization rates, such as younger people, are behind this surge. But knowing that for sure is hard because the state isn’t releasing county-by-county demographic information on vaccinations. The state also stopped classifying deaths by county, releasing hospital data and reporting coronavirus numbers on a daily basis, switching to weekly reports. That made it harder to get a real picture of the pandemic, but perhaps that’s the intention. Burying Florida’s COVID-19 stats is the governor’s MO, as it was throughout 2020.”


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