Steve Schmidt: Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News ‘Has Birthed a Fascist Movement on American Soil’

Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt

From Steve Schmidt on Twitter:

Rupert Murdoch, the 90 year old creator of the Fox News lie machine that has birthed a fascist movement on American soil while simultaneously obliterating faith and belief in America’s highest ideals like pluralism and democracy, is VACCINATED. His children are all vaccinated.

Yet, they purposefully and premeditatedly prey upon their audience for profit, consigning thousands upon thousands to miserable and lonely deaths where people choke to death and drown in the fluids of their lungs.

We live in a society that seems deeply uncomfortable using the word, EVIL. We demand rational explanations for everything including unfathomable acts of cruelty, violence and malice. Attributing the cause as an act of EVIL, absent purpose, intent or meaning seems to disorient us. Perhaps it is because of the religious connotations associated with the word or out of a type of arrogance that believes there is an answer for everything.


Dem Rep Raskin: Pence Saved Democracy

“We got very lucky with Mike Pence. All they wanted Pence to do was to rebuff the electors coming in from Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania, lowering Biden’s total below 270, kicking the presidential contest into a contingent election. And there they wanted it because we vote not one member, one vote, but one state, one vote. And at that point, he probably would’ve followed the advice of Michael Flynn and imposed martial law and a state of siege, and this would’ve been the Reichstag moment.”

– Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a House prosecutor in the second Trump impeachment

Judge Gives Trumpist Big Lie Proponent Lin Wood One Week to Explain Illegally Posting Video of Hearing

Detroit Free Press: “One of the prominent purveyors of election conspiracies and an avowed Donald Trump advocate must explain to a Michigan federal judge why he posted a video recording of a recent court hearing likely in violation of local rules.

“U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker is giving Lin Wood until Thursday to explain in writing why he posted a recording of a recent hearing to the social media platform Telegram. Under the court rules for the Eastern District of Michigan, the ‘broadcasting of judicial proceedings by radio or television or other means’ is prohibited.”