Defending Present-Day Neanderthals in the Present

“Neanderthals are hunter-gatherers, they’re protectors of their family, they are resilient, they’re resourceful, they tend to their own. So, I think Joe Biden needs to rethink what he is saying.”

— Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), on Fox Business, on President Joe Biden’s criticism of the governors of Texas and Mississippi. It’s not clear why she’s speaking in the present tense.

The Republican Party’s Proven Losing Strategy

“You’d better be spending a lot more time developing an economic agenda that benefits working people than re-litigating a lost presidential election. The question is, how long will it take the Republicans to figure out that driving out heretics rather than winning new converts is a losing strategy right now?”

— GOP pollster Whit Ayres, quoted by the New York Times

First-Term Idaho State Representative Says Face Masks Can Harm ‘Even Our Souls”

“So we live in a republic and we the people should have a voice and a choice about our own health. … I have done some research and would like to share with you the physical and emotional and even mental injuries to our bodies and possibly even our souls as healthy individuals are required to wear face masks.”

— Idaho state Rep. Karey Hanks (R), reported by KVTB-TV