Ask Dr. Democrat: Impeaching Trump

Dear Dr. Democrat,

Should I be worried that the Democrats appear to have gone all-in on impeaching Trump?

Tangled Up in Tucson

Dear Tangled,

I hope they have more than we’ve seen so far. Knowing Trump, they do.

Fortunately, the standard for impeachment is a very low bar: perjury in
a civil lawsuit unrelated to the president’s time in office. That rules
in just about every infraction greater than a parking ticket.

I also think we’re at an advantage now because the Trumpsters have been
blindsided and so haven’t had time to muddy up the charges like they did
on the Russia scandal. You wouldn’t know it today but there were 10 or
so charges of obstruction of justice in the Mueller report, for example,
and obstruction of justice was one of the articles in both the Nixon and
Clinton impeachments.

Meanwhile, the Trumpsters appear to be obstructing justice now. They
just can’t stop breaking the law.

I do think he’ll pull a Nixon and resign if the tide starts to turn in
the Senate. Unlike Nixon, Trump has no deep ties in the GOP. Nixon was a
congressman for four years, a senator, vice president and nominee in
1960. He had a network of support in the party. Trump does not. He has
lackeys to whom he may have contributed campaign cash. If the polls
continue to move against him, they’ll abandon him in droves. If they do,
and it looks like he could be found guilty in the Senate, he’ll resign.

Yours Truly,

Dr. D


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