Jindal Against GOP Limiting Debates

I know there is a lot of concern, especially in this town among Republican party leaders. There’s this ideal of theirs, this idealistic belief, that if we could just have fewer debates, if we could have a gentler kinder nominating process that would be good for the party and good for the nominee. Well you know what? Democracy is messy.

— Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (D), dismissing “the Republican National Committee’s efforts to reduce the number of debates in the Republican presidential primary, and to shorten the primary process, calling the RNC’s changes futile,” Yahoo News reports.

Bloomberg Calls Legalizing Pot ‘Stupid’

What are we going to say in 10 years when we see all these kids whose IQs are 5 and 10 points lower than they would have been? I couldn’t feel more strongly about it, and my girlfriend says it’s no different than alcohol. It is different than alcohol. This is one of the stupider things that’s happening across our country.

— Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, blasting Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana as stupid, the Aspen Times reports.

Is Brian Williams Done as NBC’s National News Anchor?

Nobody can say Williams doesn’t deserve the scrutiny he’s now facing. If a politician, corporate leader, university professor or prominent clergyman made similarly inaccurate claims, the press would be digging their professional graves with backhoes… Now the once respected anchor has become a national punching-bag, as Twitter nation, comedians and wise guys have taken to mocking him. How long Williams can take the abuse depends on how much more his critics dig up on him.

— Jack Shafer, writing for Politico.