Liz Cheney Pulls a Palin: Quits Race for Wyoming U.S. Senate Seat

The AP is reporting that Liz Cheney, the right-wing extremist daughter of George W. Bush’s vice president, has quit her bid to oust Wyoming’s equally conservative senator, Mike Enzi:

Cheney cited “serious health issues” that “have recently arisen in our family” as the reason for her decision, according to a statement quoted in The New York Times.

The GOP official confirming Cheney’s decision spoke on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to speak on the record.

Cheney moved her family from Virginia to Wyoming to run for the seat. Her effort to replace Enzi, a Senate veteran, angered and upset many Republicans and her campaign faced a number of problems.


Poll: Liz Cheney Down by 52 Points in Wyoming Senate Race


Percentage points by which Dick Cheney’s daughter Liz is trailing extreme right wing Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi in the latest polling on their primary race. Enzi’s 69% to 17% lead over Cheney now is a 12 point bump up from August when he led her by 40 points, 61% to 21%. The poll also found that Enzi had a 79% favorability rating while Cheney’s favorability was underwater, 29% to 37%.

Most Wyomingites Don’t Think Liz Cheney Is an Wyomingite


Of voters in Wyoming don’t consider Liz Cheney to be a “Wyomingite,” according to a new Public Policy Polling survey, which finds just 31% do. By a 50% to 28% margin they think it would be more appropriate for Cheney to run for the Senate from Virginia than Wyoming. In her GOP primary race with Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY), the incumbent crushes Cheney by a 54% to 26% margin.