Voter Remorse in Florida: In Theoretical Do-Over, Dem Candidate Would Beat Gov. Scott by 19 Points

32 Points

The margin of 61% to 29% by which Florida swing voters would now prefer Democratic candidate for governor Alex Sink over the Republican they helped elect in November, Gov. Rick Scott, according to a new Public Policy Polling survey. Among all voters in a do-over, Sink would best Scott by 19 points, 56% to 37%. Scott’s overall approval rating is 32-55, which compares with the 33-43 favorability rating he received in the same poll in December. Among swing voters, Scott his approval rating is 31-54.

Assault on Florida: Tallahassee Hijinks of the Week Ending March 25

art-assault-floridaPart of the series, Assault on Florida.

It’s only been in session for three weeks, but Florida’s Republican Legislature is in full swing and our new governor is feeling his beans. Here’s a roundup of state politics from this week:

  • Gov. Rick Scott signed his first bill into law, eliminating tenure for new teachers and tying teacher contracts and pay to student performance.
  • In related news, the Senate’s education budget cuts about $1 billion from classrooms, dropping the average funding level of $6,811 per pupil to about $6,388. Also, teachers, would have to start contributing about 3 percent of their wages to their retirements, which will amount to about $678.6 million less in state spending on public pension benefits for teachers.
  • In related news, Gov. Scott urged lawmakers to promote charter schools, and they responded with a bill that would require school districts to enter into a contract with charters approved by community colleges or universities.
  • In related news, Education Commissioner Eric Smith suddenly announced his resignation on Monday, citing the fact that Scott had not met with him since Scott’s inauguration.
  • […]