Good/Bad: The Weiner Scandal

scalesNow that the Anthony Weiner scandal is receding in the rearview mirror (kind of), we weigh in on the good and bad results.

Bad thing: Andrew Breitbart gained credibility, though he lost some of that when he upstaged Weiner at Weiner’s own press conference, and came off like a egomaniacal ideologue on the order of Joe McCarthy.

Good thing: Distracted media from Sarah Palin for a nanosecond.

Bad thing: Timing — distracted everyone from the fact that Weiner is on the committee that was going to look into Justice Clarence Thomas’ tax returns and Ginny Thomas’ missing income, like nowish.

Good thing: Weiner’s social media incompetence has encouraged everyone else to study up on how to send a direct message on Twitter and how to reply on Facebook.

Bad thing: The long-lasting vision of Weiner’s gum-smacking e-paramour being interviewed on TV.

Good thing: Mrs. Weiner had the good sense and class to not stand by her man at the press conference.

Bad thing: Weiner’s a pervo loser who got caught in a sex scandal, and now doesn’t even have the pleasure of remembered actual sex acts; all he has are crotch shots — of himself.

Good thing: Tighty whiteys are all the rage on Capitol Hill this summer!