Zelensky: Russians Don’t Even Mourn or Bury Their Dead

“The invaders do not even mourn their own casualties. This is something I do not understand. Some 15,000 have been killed in one month… Vladimir Putin is throwing Russian soldiers like logs into a train’s furnace. And, they are not even burying them…Their corpses are left in the streets. In several cities, small cities, our soldiers say it’s impossible to breathe because of the…stench of rotting flesh.”

— Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, in an interview with The Economist.

Russia Begins Reporting War Dead


New York Times: “On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry for the first time announced a death toll for Russian servicemen in the conflict. While casualty figures in wartime are notoriously unreliable — and Ukraine has put the total of Russian dead in the thousands — the 498 Moscow acknowledged in the seven days of fighting is the largest in any of its military operations since the war in Chechnya, which marked the beginning of President Vladimir Putin’s tenure in 1999.”