We Are Losing Sleep Over This Election

4.2 minutes

“Wearable devices that track exercise and other vital signs reveal what many have suspected: The election is making us lose sleep,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “The night of the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Sept. 26, Fitbit users nationwide slept an average of 4.2 minutes less than they did the Monday before and the Monday after the debate. Users’ average sleep typically varies only about one to two minutes from one Monday to the next, so the change on the debate night is statistically significant.”

American Voters See Trump as Almost as Big a Threat as ISIS


Of the electorate say they personally feel threatened by the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency (54%) and 61% feel threatened by Islamic terrorists, according to a new Monmouth poll. About 4-in-10 feel their way of life is threatened by the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency (42%), by the policies of the Republican Party (43%), or by the policies of the Democratic Party (39%). Just 28% say their personal way of life is under threat from illegal immigrants from Mexico.