Dems Back Warren for Biden Veep Pick


A new CBS News poll finds Elizabeth Warren is well atop Democratic voters’ list of those who should be considered for vice president — with 71% saying she should be. Warren also outpaces other possible picks by a wide margin as their first choice for the job: Warren at 36% first choice, to Kamala Harris’ 19%, Stacey Abrams at 14%, and Amy Klobuchar at 13%. No one else gets over 4%.

Trump Runs Veep Search Like ‘The Apprentice’

Mr. Trump’s approach to choosing a vice president — publicly testing them in the court of public opinion — feels oddly similar to the approach the candidate took on his reality television show, The Apprentice. Moving away from his initial hope to unveil the running mate at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland starting on July 18, Mr. Trump is instead maximizing the drama, and public attention, around his vice-presidential selection process.

New York Times

Perry Willing to Be Trump’s Veep

I suspect I’m going to be helping him in a myriad ways — but if it’s the vice presidency, if a cabinet position is where he needs somebody with my experience then I’m not going to go back to Texas and say, ‘Aw shucks sir, I’m gonna go fishing.’ I’m gonna go serve my country.

— Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R), who once called Donald Trump “a cancer on conservatism,” told CNN that he would be willing to serve as the presumptive Republican nominee’s vice president.

Fact or Fiction? With Joe Biden on the Campaign Trail, It’s Hard to Know


That this picture appeared in our Twitter feed immediately after viewing a video from The Onion on Vice Pres. Biden’s hitchhiking journey to the Democratic National Convention* is pretty odd timing.

Quoting truckers and others who gave Jokin’ Joe rides and spotted him in low places along the route, the video suggests that the Veep parties pretty hard — harder, it would seem from the real-life photo, than some bikers. The one to Biden’s left looks as if he is considering how best to break up the discussion between Joe and the lady biker in this lap.

Here’s the video.


Why Jim DeMint – or a White Evangelical Southern Male Like Him – Will Be Romney’s VP Nominee

It is all but a dead cinch now that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president this year, not because he accrued the delegates he needs — he hasn’t — but because the campaigns of his two closest rivals have imploded.

Newt Gingrich’s sugar daddy Sheldon Adelson, owner of the Venetian and Sands casinos in Las Vegas, recently announced he was pulling the plug on the Gingrich campaign. Gingrich is “at the end of his line,” Adelson said in informal remarks at a Jewish Federation of North America event in one of his casinos.

Rick Santorum inadvertently revealed that he knows his campaign is over — a revelation he has not shared with his donors or supporters — in an interview on Pat Robertson’s televangelical “news” network. Asked if he would be willing to be Romney’s running mate, Santorum said, “Of course. I mean, look. I would do in this race as I always say, this is the most important race in our country’s history. I’m going to do everything I can.”

Wrong answer. The correct answer would have been, “Fortunately, I’ll never have to make that decision, because I am going to be the nominee.” Thanks for playing.

The likelihood Romney would choose Santorum as his running mate is zilch — and not just because Santorum lost his last Senate race in Pennsylvania by double digits or because the Obama campaign would have a field day producing ads showing Romney’s running mate shaking an Etch-a-Sketch, describing Romney as “uniquely disqualified,” a “well-oiled weather vane,” “bland and boring” and a “bully.”

But that’s just one reason the Romney campaign won’t choose Santorum. The other reason is that Rick Santorum is a Catholic.