Uninsured? Show Us

What a great idea! Republicans like to say that being uninsured in America is a myth. If you happen to be among the ranks of those who worry at a constant, low level about what will happen if you are sick or injured, you know better.

Now you can show teabaggers, rich Republicans, and anyone else who doesn’t believe in you that you exist. Label yourself accordingly with the new “Uninsured Wristband.”

At first glance, this wristband looks like just another “awareness bracelet.” However, it isn’t meant to be used simply as a fundraising tool or symbol of concern.

The people wearing the uninsured wristband are spreading a personal message:

“I’m uninsured, you may not know why, but now you know my face. Maybe I look like you or someone you love. I’m uninsured and scared of being without health insurance in this country. Maybe my health is already suffering from lack of health care. Today it’s me, tomorrow it could be you.”

The bracelet’s maker wants to provide them free, so is asking those who can to pay $3.99 each (free shipping!). Hey, that sounds a little like the health reform Pres. Obama has in mind. Anyway, get yours today.

Now if someone could just come up with a “Working a Second Job So I’ll Have Health Insurance” wristband, I’d be all set.

Dr. Ron Paul’s Campaign Manager Dies Uninsured, $400,000 in Debt

As the campaign manager for the presidential bid of Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), Kent Snyder received a lot of credit for raising $35 million from grassroots supporters, a phenomenal accomplishment for an insurgent campaign.

But, like 48 million other Americans, Snyder had no health insurance, and when he died from pneumonia on June 26 after a two-month hospital stay, he left medical bills totaling over $400,000.

It is emblematic of our age that Snyder’s boss, Rep. Paul, is a physician.

The story comes from the Washington Blade [that link is now inactive, here is an excerpt from the story published in the Daily Paul, a Paulestinian propaganda site – Editors, Sept. 14, 2011]:

Gay staffers from the Paul campaign, some speaking on condition that they not be identified, said they learned about Snyder’s unpaid medical bills from a web site created by his friends that calls on Paul supporters to contribute to a special fund to help Snyder’s family pay the bills, which come mostly from a two-month hospitalization. So far, the site (kentsnyder.com) has raised about $32,000.