Sarah Palin Really Should Seek Professional Help

Sarah Palin needs help – I don’t mean psychological help. (She probably needs that, too, but I am apathetic about her personal or psychological well-being.) The professional help she needs is political.

Oddly, and Fox Kremlin watchers take note, she didn’t include Glenn Beck among the victims, perhaps a sign that she is distancing herself from him because other crazed would-be assassins have cited Beck by name as the inspiration for their violence.

As I wrote last week, she has surrounded herself with political neophytes whom she can dominate, rather than experienced professionals, whom she can’t, and the neophytes are enabling her self-destruction.

In the early hours after the gun attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Jan. 8, experienced aides — or, really, anyone with common sense — would have advised Palin to, pardon the war metaphors, hold fire, keep her powder dry and not go off half-cocked before details about the tragedy were confirmed.

Instead, her team of know-nothings panicked, apparently in reaction to an early erroneous report on Fox that Giffords had died. They were desperate because they knew that sooner or later the folks at MSNBC would re-broadcast an interview with the late Rep. Giffords from March in which Giffords herself laid blame at Palin’s feet:


Surrounding Herself with Amateurs Has Put Palin’s Future in Jeopardy


Here’s a little bipartisanship for you. I, a bona fide member of the unprofessional left, agree with Jennifer Rubin, a conservative columnist for the rightward-tilting Washington Post op-ed page and who until recently wrote for right-wing Commentary magazine, that Sarah Palin is facing a career crisis of her own making, and that the crisis is a result of her decision to surround herself with amateurs and sycophants rather than seasoned political pros. Rubin writes:

It has been reported that that she is exceedingly insulated from experienced voices by a mini-staff in Alaska and her husband … A case in point is:

Rebecca Mansour who especially personifies the amorphous yet fervid network of Palin World. Mansour said . . . “I majored in English and history and minored in philosophy, but I’ve never been a Beltway person, so that does confuse people.”

And this person is “Palin’s primary speechwriter, researcher, online communications coordinator and all-purpose adviser.”

It was Mansour who went on a righty radio show hosted by former liberal (and current gay Stockholm-syndrome victim) Tammy Bruce last weekend to road test a new lie about the infamous crosshairs map Palin’s camp released last spring on which Giffords’ district was targeted, along with 19 others: