The GOP Has No Antibodies for Crazy — And No Vaccine, Either!

“If Democrats force a vote on expelling Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene or stripping her committee assignments, the number of GOP congressmen who will back the QAnon crazy lady will be roughly the same number who opposed impeachment. It will be the overwhelming majority of the GOP caucus. … Republicans are already rehearsing their excuses and rationalizations. But the reality is that the post-Trump/forever Trump GOP simply no longer has the antibodies to fight off the contagion of crazy. … A healthy political party actually cares about truth. It is concerned about its credibility and can distinguish a difference of opinion from the insane rantings of a deranged conspiracist. But the GOP is not a healthy party; over the last four years it has morphed into a cult, where believing lies and celebrating ‘fighting,’ have become rituals of admission.”

Charlie Sykes