A Metaphor for the GOP in the Era of Trump

“Tuesday was the perfect metaphor for the Republican Party in the Trump era. The former President and current frontrunner for the GOP nomination was arrested, fingerprinted, and arraigned like a common criminal. He endured the ignominy with false bravado and the full support of his party and its media apparatus. Later that night, Trump’s party lost yet another winnable election.”

Dan Pfeiffer

Trump Turned Down Offer of Low-Key Arraignment

He wanted a perp walk, he wanted daylight hours. He wants to get out of the vehicle and walk up the stairs. This is a nightmare for Secret Service, but they can only strongly suggest — not order — that Trump enter through the secure tunnels. Trump wants to greet the crowd. This should be a surprise to no one — especially not his detail.

— A law enforcement official tells Rolling Stone that Donald Trump “was offered a chance to surrender quietly and be arraigned over Zoom. Instead, Trump opted for a midday, high-profile booking at the Manhattan courthouse.”