Ask Dr. Democrat: When are Biden’s Poll Numbers Going to Improve?

Dear Dr. Democrat,

When/if do you expect President Biden’s approval numbers to exceed 43? Do you think there will be a sudden turn or a gradual one? I guess I’m wondering how you see it playing out since my understanding is that you think Biden will win.

Just Curious in Jacksonville

Dear Curious:

Let’s hope Joe Biden gets a rally-round-the-flag effect from the current international crisis in the Middle East very soon. Bibi Netanyahu sure hasn’t.

Biden’s polling will turn around by the time primary voting starts early next year, if not sooner. We’re having a shadow Democratic primary right now: It’s Biden versus an unknown youthful godlike figure, and the godlike figure is winning. The problem is, he or she is not real. Just like what happened at the end of the primaries in 2020, Biden will be a better choice than an imaginary candidate who never materializes.

Just as importantly, the GOP nominee will be against reproductive freedom, gun sense and climate initiatives — all of which was polling above 60% the last time I checked. Not to mention educational freedom, voting rights, LGBT rights, etc., etc. In other words, a very toxic running very far from mainstream voters.

It’s not going to be easy. It never is. A lot of our coalitions are uneasy and unhappy, as they always are. But every GOP candidate who’s polling around 2% is telling us that he or she is a threat to democracy and opposes all those things our side believes to be essential.

When that threat materializes next year, it will be very motivating indeed.