Dem PAC Set to Flood TV with Anti-Trump Messages

$91 million

Amount that Priorities USA, “the lead super PAC backing Hillary Clinton, has already reserved in television advertising that will start next month and continue through Election Day. In addition, Clinton’s campaign and Priorities USA have both debuted online videos that cast Trump in a negative light — a preview of what voters will see on TV over the next six months,” reports the Associated Press.

GOP Establishment Candidates Not Getting Much for Their Money

$47.5 million

Amount the campaigns and allies for three establishment presidential candidates – Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and John Kasich – have spent combined $47.5 million on TV ads in the 2016 race so far, NBC News reports. “By contrast, the campaigns and allies for the three Republicans who have been leading or surging in the most recent polls – Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz – have spent just $2.9 million.”