New Republican Party Anthem – ‘Jailbait’ by Ted Nugent: ‘I Don’t Care If You’re Just 13!’

Ted Nugent, 65, a has-been rock star whose endorsement has inexplicably been sought by family-values spouting Republican politicians from Mitt Romney in his presidential bid in 2012 to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who is running for governor this year, has admitted to having had sex with girls under the age of consent multiple times. Nugent has even written a rock anthem to his compulsion titled “Jailbait” (lyrics follow) which all GOP candidates should play before every campaign event:


Has-Been Rock Star Admits Failure, So Quit Already, Ted

I have obviously failed to galvanize and prod, if not shame, enough Americans to be ever vigilant not to let a Chicago communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel like the ACORN community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America.

— Former rock star Ted Nugent, telling that President Obama is a “subhuman mongrel” and should be arrested and put in jail.

NRA Closes Its 2013 Convention with Speech by Vietnam War Draft Dodger

Why does the NRA hate America? The final speaker at the gunmakers’ convention in Texas last weekend was Ted Nugent, who, during the Vietnam War, conned his way out of conscription by defecating in his clothing and not bathing before going in for a physical examination at the Draft Board.

Nugent was last seen when he was the guest of a Texas tea bagger congressman at the State of the Union speech in February.

Does Wishing the South Had Won the Civil War Make Ted Nugent a Racist?

I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War.

One-hit wonder Ted Nugent, somehow relating the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act to the Civil War, which nearly ended the United States and split the nation in two. Perhaps Nugent is trying to say that two Americas, one liberal and one conservative, would be more harmonious. Or perhaps he’s trying to say that he’s a big ol’ fat stupid racist.

MSNBC Host: Romney, Boehner, Cantor and McConnell Are All Criminals – We Need to Chop Their Heads off in November

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On MSNBC’s “The Last Word” last night, host Lawrence O’Donnell opened a segment of the show by calling on his viewers to decapitate four members of the Republican Party’s leadership:

O’DONNELL: I’ll tell you this right now. If Mitt Romney becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year. You can’t galvanize and promote — if you can’t galvanize and promote and recruit people to vote for Barack Obama, we’re done. We will be a suburb of Indonesia next year. Mitt Romney, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell — they’re all criminals. We are patriots. We are Braveheart. We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off in November.

Okay, cue the Republican outrage.

Of course, O’Donnell was really just riffing on what Mitt Romney uber-supporter Ted Nugent told his half-witted but fully armed supporters recently: