Polls Show That It’s Actually Ted Cruz And His Kamikaze Caucus Who Are Not ‘Listening to the People’

Prior to a new spate of polls released this week, a core element of rhetoric by Republicans like Sen. Ted Cruz and Speaker John Boehner was that Pres. Obama should “listen to the people” and kill the Affordable Care Act.

Now, however, polling indicates that it is the GOP that is not listening to people. They are on the wrong side of public opinion about defunding Obamacare as well as on their threats to close the government and/or ruin the credit-worthiness of the United States by forcing a default on the national debt.


Sen. Cruz Reads ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ on Senate Floor

As a headline at the National Journal put it, “Ted Cruz Is Talking Until He Can’t Stand Anymore.” The lowest point in his fake filibuster came when he compared his opponents, including fellow Republicans, to Nazi appeasers. But the most telling moment — the moment that will be repeated in comedy sketches and campaign ads against him for years to come — was his dramatic reading of “Green Eggs and Ham,” by Dr. Suess. Enjoy!

Tea Party Presidential Wanna-Be, Sen. Rafael Eduardo ‘Ted’ Cruz of Texas, Releases Scan of a Document Purported to Be His Birth Certificate

Texas Tea Party Sen. Ted Cruz signaled he is definitely running for president in 2016 by releasing his birth certificate this week. The scan he provided is posted above and, as you can see, it just seems fake, doesn’t it? The document purports that Cruz’s real name is not “Ted,” it’s Rafael Eduardo Cruz — the certificate says his middle name is “Edward,” but that was probably Photoshopped from Eduardo to make him sound more American. But the clincher is, it says he was born in Canada, which — for the benefit of any low-info Fox viewers who may read this — is a foreign country.

The document indicates that his mother was an American but that his father, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, was a Cuban national. Because of this, the media is drawing parallels between Cruz’ citizenship status at birth and Pres. Obama’s. The president was also born in a foreign country — Hawaii — to an American mother and a non-American father. Barack Obama Sr. was a citizen of Kenya, which was then a British colony. One significant difference is that while Obama’s father has been accused of being “anti-colonial” (just like George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, the first three U.S. presidents) Cruz’ father admits he fought for the communist dictator, Fidel Castro.