Steve Cortes Spokesman for DeSantis PAC: ‘We Are Way Behind’

Steve Cortes

Politico: “A top spokesperson for Ron DeSantis’ super PAC is sounding a decidedly dour note on the Florida governor’s presidential prospects, saying his campaign is facing an “uphill battle” and is trailing badly in the key nominating states. Steve Cortes, who previously supported Donald Trump, also heaped praise on the former president, calling him a ‘runaway frontrunner’ and ‘maestro’ of the debate.

“‘Right now in national polling we are way behind, I’ll be the first to admit that,’ Cortes said in a Twitter spaces event that was recorded on Sunday night. ‘I believe in being blunt and honest. It’s an uphill battle but clearly Donald Trump is the runaway frontrunner.’

“Calling the DeSantis campaign the ‘clear underdog,’ he added: ‘In the first four states which matter tremendously, polls are a lot tighter, we are still clearly down. We’re down double digits, we have work to do.’”