Flashback: George W. Bush Used ‘Snowflake Children’ As Props When He Announced His Veto of Stem Cell Research in 2006

Led by Rush Limbaugh, the right wing is outraged that Pres. Obama invited children to the White House to participate in his announcement of proposals for new gun-safety measures yesterday. One right-wing propagandist even compared Obama’s including children in the event with Saddam Hussein petting a British child he was holding hostage during the first Bush war with Iraq.

Of course, Limbaugh and his Dittohead chorus had no problem whatsoever in July 2006 when Bush Jr. brought “snowflake children” onto the stage with him as props to help soften his veto of stem-cell research — research that could have helped patients with Alzheimers, among many other illnesses, and the support of Nancy Reagan.

Here is Pensito’s story about the event, from July 19, 2006.