Biden Slams Trump Over NATO Comments

“Can you imagine, a former president of the U.S. saying that? The whole world heard it. The worst thing is he means it. No other president in our history has ever bowed down to a Russian dictator. … For God’s sake, it’s dumb, it’s shameful, it’s dangerous, it’s unAmerican.”

— President Biden, in a speech, slamming Donald Trump suggesting he would tell Russia to “do whatever the hell they want” to NATO countries.

Schiff Riffs on Trump’s NATO Nattering

“Oh, Putin must be absolutely thrilled. If you look at it from Putin’s perspective, you know, the war isn’t going well in Ukraine for Russia. Russians keep coming back in body bags. NATO is enlarging around him with two new nations joining NATO. NATO is strengthening. And along comes Donald Trump there to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory for Russia and for the United States and our NATO allies.”

— Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), on MSNBC, on Donald Trump saying he’d encourage Russia to attack NATO allies.

‘TrumpGPT’ Sounds More Like Donald Trump than Trump Does

“Let me tell you, there’s nobody who loves this country more than me, believe me. January 6 was a historic day, a day where millions of Americans came to Washington, D.C. to peacefully protest the rigged election. I did nothing wrong, and I have nothing to regret. The real regret is that the election was stolen from the American people, and that the corrupt politicians and fake news media refuse to acknowledge it.”

— ChatGPT, summoning the voice of ex-president Donald Trump and 2024 GOP frontrunner responding to “some of the exact questions he was asked during his shambolic CNN town hall on Wednesday night,” according to the Daily Beast.