Florida Republicans Want Floridians to Pay Trump’s Legal Costs

$5 million

“Florida Republicans may set aside millions in taxpayer money to help pay for former President Donald Trump’s multiple legal battles,” Politico reports. “A Miami Republican who endorsed Trump’s reelection has filed a bill for this year’s legislative session that could allow the state to hand out up to $5 million to the embattled Republican frontrunner for president.”

Florida Lawmaker: Transgender People Can’t Have an ‘O’

“The very people that have advocated for this type of treatment are finding that those individuals cannot have sexual satisfaction. And I’m not going to use the word that starts with the letter ‘O,’ because you all understand and know what that is. But they can’t achieve that. Now think about that just for a minute. Because it’s terrible.”

— Florida state Rep. Ralph Massullo, making an odd argument in support of gender-affirming care restrictions.

DeSantis Trustee Pick Is a Conservative Crackpot

“When you separate a person from their creator and reduce their identity to a group, sexual preference, or skin color, you often create a victim in search of a villain, which becomes a community organizer euphemistically, an agitator historically, and a Marxist ultimately.”

— — Eddie Speir, one of six conservatives Gov. Ron DeSantis appointed to the board of Sarasota’s New College of Florida, in an email to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Speir has used Twitter to promote conspiracy theories about climate change and COVID, according to Axios Tampa Bay.