Gillibrand Wants to Have It Both Ways

“Asking every female elected in our state when a person should resign or not resign really isn’t the conversation we should be having.”

— Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), who was the first to call for Sen. Al Franken’s resignation in 2017 amid sexual harassment claims, continued to urge for an investigation to be concluded before making any decision on whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo should stay in office amid sexual harassment allegations, USA Today reports.

16 Lawmakers Accused of Sexual Misconduct Won Their Primaries


A Vice News review has found that at least 30 state lawmakers publicly involved in sexual misconduct scandals since 2017 are up for re-election this year. Despite those allegations, 16 of those candidates won their primaries — which are now over in all but one state — and advanced to the November general election. Two of those 16 lawmakers, who collectively represent 10 states, are almost guaranteed to be re-elected, since they won’t face a challenger come November.