Trump Lawyer Predicts Unanimous Ruling by SCOTUS — Against Immunity

“The immunity case should be a 9-0 case on the Supreme Court. It is very clear that the president doesn’t have immunity from criminal prosecution. You are weighing an argument that there is no precedent for, and is found nowhere in the Constitution.”

— Former Trump White House lawyer Ty Cobb predicted that the Supreme Court will rule unanimously against Donald Trump on his claims to be immune from criminal prosecution.

SCOTUS with the Mostus

$24 million or $68 million

Bloomberg: “The nine Supreme Court justices in total are worth at least $24 million. Or it might be closer to $68 million. … It’s impossible to get more specific than that. That’s because federal ethics laws require justices to disclose only those assets that might pose a conflict of interest. As a result, the public can only assess part of each justice’s holdings, valued in a broad range.”