It’s the Far Right, Not Antifa, We Have to Fear

“At a time when President Trump and other top U.S. officials have claimed — with little evidence — that leftist groups were fomenting violence, federal prosecutors have charged various supporters of a right-wing movement called the ‘boogaloo bois,’ with crimes related to plotting to firebomb a U.S. Forest Service facility, preparing to use explosives at a peaceful demonstration and killing a security officer at a federal courthouse.”

Washington Post

Why Don’t Republicans Know the Difference Between Pandering and Condoning Violence?

If I’ve got to measure everything I say, I mean, I’m not going to be politically correct. That was a joke. This was an audience for this. This is a Catholic Church.

— Mike Hogan, Duval County Florida Tax Collector and Jacksonville mayoral candidate. Hogan was referring to his comments in a public forum that Roe v. Wade was “an awful decision by an awful court” and that he would not personally bomb an abortion clinic, “but it may cross my mind.”