Don’t Spare Us, Charlie!

“Perhaps I was too subtle. In yesterdays’ newsletter, I called Bill Barr a ‘serial lying twat,’ insisted that no one buy his book, and concluded with a clarion call to ‘f*ck Bill Barr.’ … Even so, it seems that some readers (I assume very casual readers) imagined that I was too soft on him. … So, lest there be any lingering ambiguity, let me make it clear that I think — and have long thought — that Barr is the very embodiment of the moral and intellectual rot in in the Republican Party.”

Charlie Sykes

North Carolina: The New Political Reality

This isn’t just hardball politics. This is a fundamentally anti-democratic approach to government, one that says that when we win, we get to implement our agenda, and when you win, you don’t. … To put this in context, perhaps nowhere in the country have Republicans moved more aggressively to solidify power by disenfranchising their opponents as they have in North Carolina.

Paul Waldman

SCOTUS Ruling in Favor of GOP Lawsuit Would Revoke Health Insurance of Millions of Americans

The vast majority of Americans whose insurance would be revoked by the GOP lawsuit live in states controlled by Republicans

The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to hear a lawsuit on the Affordable Care Act, King v. Burwell, brought by Republicans seeking to revoke the health-insurance of 7.3 million Americans whose premiums are paid by government subsidies under the ACA. The lawsuit is based on a snippet of poorly constructed language in the law that suggests subsidies can only be granted to people who live in states that operate their own insurance exchanges.

After the law passed, Republican governors in more than 30 states opted not to build exchanges, thus requiring the federal government to step in and build the websites. Opting out was a cynical political tactic that put the governors’ desire to hobble the president’s reform law over the interests of millions of their uninsured constituents. Now, if the Supreme Court rules in Republicans’ favor on King v. Burwell, the vast majority of people whose subsidized insurance is at risk are residents of states where Republican governors forced the feds to step in and build exchanges.

What a neat trick.