Meduza Collected the Carlson-Putin Interview Memes So You Don’t Have to Watch

Russian opposition media site collected some of the funniest memes from Tucker Carlson’s “interview” with Vladimir Putin so you don’t have to watch it. Some of them are pretty funny. The one where Putin’s leg starts to crawl away reminds me of the scene in “Dr. Strangelove” where the doctor’s hand keeps doing a Hitler salute as he fights with his own body part.

See the memes here.

This Is a Decisive Moment in Russo-Ukraine War

“For those of us born after World War II, this is the most consequential war of our lifetime. Upon its outcome rests the future of European stability and prosperity. … If Ukraine succeeds in preserving its freedom and territorial integrity, a diminished Russia will be contained; if it fails, the chances of war between NATO and Russia go up, as does the prospect of Russian intervention in other areas on its western and southern peripheries.”

Eliot Cohen

Most American Worried About Russian Nukes

9 in 10

A new AP-NORC poll finds “close to half of Americans say they are very concerned that Russia would directly target the U.S. with nuclear weapons, and an additional 3 in 10 are somewhat concerned about that.” “Roughly 9 in 10 Americans are at least somewhat concerned that Putin might use a nuclear weapon against Ukraine, including about 6 in 10 who are very concerned.”