Why Is Glenn Beck, Who Did Drugs Instead of Serving in the Military, Smearing Purple Hearts to Promote His Million Moron March?

photo-puprple-hepratVia Roger Ebert, Wednesday, amid the other goobledy-gook he spews, GOP-Fox News’ Glenn Beck uttered this barely comprehensible string of phrases:

We are from Washington, D.C., where this Saturday, we will be gathered here at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial and we are going to be — as you see in the corner — oops, in this corner. Can you put it back up? This corner is the merit badge. I have been wearing it. I’m all screwed up because I can’t — television is backwards.

The merit badge — there it is in the bottom of your screen. It is George Washington’s original Purple Heart, but it was just given for merit, for doing something of honor. We didn’t even know about it until 1933 when FDR found three. There were only three of them in existence.

Okay, so that made no sense, but it certainly sounded like he planned to wear George Washington’s Purple Heart to his konklave at the “feet of” the Lincoln Memorial tomorrow, which Andy Borowitz has dubbed the “Million Moron March.”

Actually, Beck has invented a new “badge of merit” (not, mind you, a merit badge) to replace the Purple Heart which he dislikes, he says, because it rewards people for being victims, which is Beck’s Orwellian newspeak for being wounded in the line of duty.

Ryan Witt at Examiner.com explains: