They say it is easier to get people to dislike a politician than to like him or her, but I wonder if automobile makers spent all their time accusing each other of making lousy and dangerous cars, whether anybody would buy one at all. Which maybe is one reason more people don’t vote.

–St. Petersburg Times columnist Howard Troxler, commenting on advertising for the midterm election.

Worst Political Ad, or So Bad It’s Viral?

Move over Dale Peterson, Florida is offering what could be the worst political ad ever. In fact, some on Twitter are calling it Florida’s Demon Sheep video. My state representative, who appears to be running unopposed for all intents and purposes, has posted this truly awful video to his YouTube channel. The spot appears to be done by his son, Scott. And if you somehow missed it in the course of the video, it’s about Mike Weinstein, Florida Dist. 19 Representative, a moderate Republican who bucked the GOP herd and voted against the impossibly bad education reform bill which Gov. Charlie Crist vetoed just before going rogue, i.e., No Party Affiliation. I don’t dislike Weinstein, but if I did, suffice it to say this video would not help me change my view.