The Photo the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want to Show


Rumor has it that pictures and video of the arrest of retired Philadelphia police chief Ray Lewis at the Nov. 17 Occupy Wall Street protest are being ignored by the corporate media.

Indeed, when I did a Google search to verify the details before posting about it here, the main coverage I could find was from Britain’s Daily Mail. This photo, and others posted at the Daily Mail, are mainly available on Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube.

Lewis, who retired as a captain in the Philadelphia police in 2004, went to New York in full dress uniform and a sign that read, “NYPD – Don’t be Wall Street mercenaries” in solidarity with the protesters.


Balanced Budget Amendment Fails

When I – along with 86 of my Freshmen colleagues – were elected a little more than a year ago, we pledged to change the conversation in our Nation’s Capital. Despite today’s failed resolution, I believe we have changed that conversation.

Rep. Allen West (R/Tea – Fla.), expressing his disappointment that the balanced budget amendment failed in the House, and co-opting the term, “change the conversation.” Tea partiers weren’t sent to Congress to change the conversation, they were sent to take action. Changing the conversation is the aim of the Occupy movement, which has successfully changed it from the made-up deficit crisis to income inequality and socializing risk.

Perry’s Texas, Hunstman’s Family Company Taking Taxpayer Millions

hypocriteIf there’s anything Republicans enjoy, it’s deriding the Affordable Health Care Act, or as they sneer, “Obamacare.” So who do you think was first in line to scarf AHCA funds that help early retirees?

That would be Gov. Rick Perry’s own Texans, followed by employees of Huntsman International, owned by the family of Jon Huntsman. Both men, of course, are running for president against Obama.

If you’ve ever wondered how wealth travels upward from the 99% to the top, here’s a vivid illustration.

“Some people have described this program as ‘Cash for Clunkers,’ in the sense that if you want it, you have to get in line first,” said Paul Fronstin, an economist with [nonpartisan Employee Benefit Research Institute]. “There was a lot of advice given to be first in line.”

…Texas, it seems, heeded the advice. So did Huntsman International.