Oklahoma A.G. Defends Distributing Bibles on Public School Campuses

It is a challenging time in our country for those who believe in religious liberty. Our religious freedoms are under constant attack from a variety of groups who seek to undermine our constitutional rights and threaten our founding principles.

— Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt (R), in a letter to public school superintendents across the state vowing to defend religious freedom amid “veiled legal threats” over the distribution of Bibles on campuses, Tulsa World reports.

Florida’s Lt. Gov. Resigns After Questioning in Gambling Investigation

Carroll, in a public service announcement for the sham Allied Veterans group.

The ground is shifting under the feet of Florida Republicans, as Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigns after being questioned in a federal racketeering investigation.

The surprise isn’t that Carroll is resigning, it’s that she’s resigning over this

The Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) was caught short by the news, after more successfully dodging another recent scandal bullet. On the very day former RPOF chief Jim Greer was set to begin trial for funny bookkeeping that would have spilled the beans on almost every Republican politician in Florida, including and especially Sen. Marco Rubio, Greer copped a plea.

But Carroll doesn’t look so lucky. Exhibit A in Gov. Rick Scott’s “big tent” GOP cabinet has had her share of ethics challenges since assuming office as the state’s second in command. The issue of her shifting net worth, which she never seems to have a handle on, has been a recurring problem.

Then there’s her recent trouble, which is hard to describe in polite terms. Let’s just say that she and Bill Clinton share at least one thing in common, and that would be ladies on their knees beneath the executives’ office desks. Carroll denied the allegations by explaining that women who look like her cannot be lesbians. Many were unconvinced.


Anti-Abortion Male Republican: ‘Sacred Sperm’ Bill Is ‘an Egregious Attack on Personal Liberties from the Government’

A “personhood act” passed by Republicans in the Oklahoma Senate earlier this year would ban all abortions, including in cases involving rape and incest. If the bill passes out of the legislature and the state’s Republican governor signs it into law, control over the reproductive systems of Oklahoma women will effectively be taken from the women themselves and handed over to the law enforcement apparatus of the state government.

“There’s not another individual that knows what’s better for you than you.”
– Sen. Shortey

In response, a pro-choice Democratic senator, Constance Johnson, introduced an “every sperm is sacred” bill that would outlaw what she described as the “depositing of sperm anywhere other than in a woman’s vagina.”

Not surprisingly, anti-abortion male politicians do not like Johnson’s amendment. The Daily Show’s Al Madrigal interviewed one of these senators, the perhaps ironically named Ralph Shortey, who inadvertently revealed how truly clueless big-government Republicans can be.

Partial transcript: